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Do you use loops for your beats?

Yes! Samples, sound loops, I use it all. We are blooking for sounds to manipulate into our own sound everyday. Loops are and have been a essential tool for decades by fellow music producers.

What are your go to plugins?

Depending on the track and type of feel we’re trying to get from a sound and/or vocal. The more favored bundle package of plugins by far is the Waves Bundle.

What software do you use to produce beats?

FL Gaang! FL Studio is our go to for making it happen in our environment. Pro Tools is a good reference for us to do some dope drops and to get live sounds but all the magic gets done in Fl Studio. 

What VST's do you use?

Nexus, Massive, Kontact, are the go to’s

Do you produce different genres?

We touch on the majority of genres. Fusion is becoming the wave so we’re looking to spread our horizons in music.

What hardware do you guys prefer beat pad or keys?


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