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Just Like Dat consists of a few different departments including social media set up, brand development, brand protection, Graphic Design, Website Development etc. We have 10+ years experience. Our Music & Brand promotion services has helped start many brands, build many campaigns to date. Our main objective is to deliver cooperate level marketing tools for affordable prices to the independent contractor, entrepreneurs, and starting brands/business . You keep 100% of your power when building your brand with Just Like Dat .

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We develop effective websites that execute in displaying your vision to your visitors. Making it completely accessible to direct through the website comfortably. Providing options such as appointment booking, ecommerce stores, and promotional displays for our websites services.


We give every client high-end website design and development at a price that is affordable. You will get more performance value for your investment! Our payment plans are easy and will accommodate businesses from small start-ups to corporations.


We are fast and reliable. All we need from you is the content and some information as well as your creative ok and we can run from there. If you need help, we can create content for you.

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