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Project Description



  • Link to website In Review __Things needed for website__
    -High quality photos of all the shoes in inventory.
    -Logo's in all formats for different usage if available (PNG preffered)
    Any extra items will be added after this line have asterisk (*) next to it.

Project Progress

Project Timing

  • Start
    Nov 11 2022
  • End
    Dec 31 2022

11/11/2022 12/31/2022


Overall Project Completion

  • Installment

    Payment Required

  • Further Design & Beginning Development Process

    Payment Required


  • 50%

    Beginning Design Process

    Payment Required



Payment Required


Beginning Design Process

Payment Required


Further Design & Beginning Development Process

Payment Required

Design Process 40% Complete 0/8 Tasks completed

Putting together the wire frame for your website. Basically building the structure on how it will look in basic desktop mobile and also native app versions.

0/8 Completed Tasks

  • Upload up logos
  • Upload inventory pictures
  • Create header, footer, and tab footer
  • Revise logo and image placements in layout
  • Start Build on Shop Page
  • Add on drop shipping feature
  • Add drop shipping images to inventory list
  • Finish Home Page

Development Process 80% Complete 0/5 Tasks completed

This is where we press all the buttons in the back! Setting up all the content (phrases/images/logos/social media accounts) to properly be searchable on google as well as the entire website. Also putting together the effects that will set off the website design in the background. Making sure non of the code will be out of place one inserted in the website.

0/5 Completed Tasks

  • Backlinking
  • SEO set up
  • Google Knowledge Panel
  • Google Maps
  • CSS & Java Scrip add ons

Publication Process 100% Complete 0/4 Tasks completed

Website will be published as well as the converted native web app into the digital stores.

0/4 Completed Tasks

  • Functionality review
  • Customize client control panel
  • Migrate website to domain
  • Publish app to Apple/Andriod Market

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